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Bathroom renovation

Do you want to have your tank cleaned? Your waste disposed of?

Kitchen renovation

First of all, we do not advise that you try to DIY when it comes to kitchen renovation majorly

Laundry renovation

In addition to what we do, we can also renovate your laundry so you can have a more comfortable experience doing your laundry

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For some people, the bathroom and kitchen or wet areas of the house have to be sparkling and utterly clean before they can ever consider renting the house and that is because of the nature of the activities that we carry out in these rooms inside the house. Generally, cleanliness should not be a preference but a necessity and that is why we, at Tiling and Renovation Guru, go about bringing that cleanliness and sparkling to your bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. When it comes to sparkling, stunning, shinning, odour free and stain free bathrooms and kitchens, Tilling and Renovations Guru is the best at repairing pipe works or total stripping out the old bathroom and installation of a new design layout and also electrical modifications.

We know This Job

In the whole of Brisbane, we hold the reputation of that renovating company that has not stopped offering quality and astonishing services. Do you now that there is a pleasant feeling that you have when you are in a clean bathroom? Well, we do at Tiling and Renovation Guru and we have learnt and perfected the art of creating that kind of environment. The experience that we have gained over the many years of renovating people’s bathroom, laundry and kitchen and the expertise of our seasoned workers have helped us to renovate countless bathrooms and laundries to our client’s taste and we have gotten positive reviews after every job done because we give you what you want and more. What’s more? You get a period of warranty on our workmanship and we are confident that the only thing that will make you phone us after we renovate your kitchen or bathroom is to express how pleased you are with what we have done with your home.

At Tiling and Renovation Guru, we strongly believe that your bathroom, regardless of the activities that you perform while there, should have a pleasant and comforting sight that eases your mind once you step in. Your bathroom should be the ultimate place of relaxation in your home and that sort of a place needs to have a befitting floor, walls with beautiful tiles like the restroom of a king. This and many more are what you tend to enjoy if you allow our team of professional technicians to design and actualize that bathroom, kitchen and laundry that you have always envisioned, at a very pocket-friendly price. Believe it, you are getting luxury at its best quality at an affordable price and all it takes is to place a call through to our office.

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Do not hesitate to put a call through to us at Tiling and Renovation Guru, in case you notice that the floors and walls of your kitchen, laundry and bathrooms have started to wear out or age, therefore, causing the design to fade or become dull; we have the magic wand and one wave will transform your kitchen and bathroom in the twinkle of an eye from the colours even to the electrical part. It is no news that we widely known in Brisbane for the quality of services that we render and that is because we take time to listen to what you want, how you want it and where you want and all we do in return is to add that magical touch and make your request come to life. Rest assured, with us, you will renovate your ageing kitchen, bathroom and laundry at a very affordable cost so that you are not left in debt after renovating your bathroom.

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Bathroom renovation
Kitchen renovation
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