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At Tiling and Renovation Guru, we like beauty, we like it when things sparkle, we like it when things are smooth and more importantly, we love it when we leave our clients happy, hence the passion for designing and creating beautiful and great bathrooms, kitchens and laundry that will not only be amazing but have the touch of expert and exquisite hands of our specialists. Nothing else gives us joy and relief when we leave your home after performing our transformation magic than seeing you pleased with our service.

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Why should you call Tiling and Renovation Guru?

We are positive to deliver a jaw-dropping service because there are several things that we put into consideration before we start doing anything. The first is what you want; this is what you want Tiling and Renovation Guru to do for you; would you like us to change the tiles in your bathroom or kitchen? Would you like us to map out and install a new electrical wiring plan for your kitchen? Is it the pipes that have started leaking? Or would you like us to seal everything and make it waterproof? Name it? We give listening ears so that our hands know exactly what to do. The next thing is to allow us, the experts do what we best in cases like your own and what we do best is transformation. Once we know what you want, what we do is sharpen, modify and add one or two touch-ups if necessary and you would have your transformation.

If we are talking about Tiling and Renovation Guru, you must know that we use the highest quality materials in the market for your bathroom and kitchen renovations. We have ascertained earlier that we deliver only quality services that leave our client happy and we are about to achieve that feat because we make use of technologies, equipment, materials that are state of the art. Here at Tiling and Renovations Guru, we do not have small or big projects; we treat all projects the same, employing equal energy, manpower, expertise and quality materials so that we do not end up with low quality and high-quality outcome. With the kind of resources and expertise we put into projects, our services always stand out no matter what. It can not be emphasized enough, the delight that our clients have when we complete their renovations. It is not just the outcome that we are after, but the process too because we have realized over our years of renovating bathrooms, laundries and kitchens that it is important that our clients understand exactly what we are doing to their home and the procedures.

At Tiling and Renovation Guru, we like to tell our clients that anything is possible. This is because some of our clients often have difficulty explaining the type of design they want because of a reason or another so we just let them say it in whatever manner they want. To offer design ideas that they may like, in case they are having a hard time coming up with one of their own, what we do is that we show them some of our completed projects and allow them to be inspired by what they see. When they go through the designs, and they finally see one that they like, what we do is to check and confirm that the design would work for their house. When we are called for renovations, especially bathrooms, we discover that the bathroom was never fit for the structure of the house and before long, the design starts to deplete and complications starts to arise. The good news, however, is that regardless of the design you want and the structure of your house, our experts have enough years of experience to modify the design in a way that it would fit exactly into your house regardless of the structure of your house; you can bet on that.

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