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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions that our experts have had to answer over the years and their answers.

• Does Tiling and Renovation Guru Offer design consultation?

Yes, we offer a design consultation. This is where we give you the floor and you get to tell us the ideas you have and explain it the best way you can while we just pay one hundred attention and listen. The reason behind this is to have a clear understanding of what you want and how you want and then create it for you. I am sure we all agree that in a situation where you express yourself properly and we understand you, there surely can’t be errors or any form of confusion.

• How long is a standard bathroom renovation going to take?

A standard bathroom renovation should be completed in nothing less than eight days. If it's a standard shower screen, then you should expect to have it done in approximately five working days from the date of order. A semi-frameless screen takes 8 working days while a frameless screen is going to take 12 days to complete. The good news, however, is that you can still use the bathroom even when all these renovations are ongoing.

• Is it possible for me to change the layout of my current bathroom?

Yes, it is very possible to change the layout of your current bathroom. Because changing a layout is not as direct as a standard renovation, additional charges will be attached if you have a concrete slab on your floors. However, for a home with timber floors, access underneath is easy so the additional cost is not much.

• How long has Tiling and Renovation Guru been in business?

Well, Tiling and Renovation Guru have been in business for 20 years. They have been doing their magic with the latest technical anyhow that they upgrade every time that there is a new skillset in the bathroom building industry. 

• Will your company handle all the dirt and mess after the renovation is done?

The answer to this is yes. Remember that we stated clearly that the main goal is to see to it that you are happy and pleased with what we have done to your home. So to make sure we do our job properly, we will handle and clear out every rubbish. We will employ floor-protective methods when we work so that your floor is not stained with paint or any kind of substance we use when we are working. This way, you have a clean house at the end of each day we work.

• Do you build new bathrooms or is it just renovation?

We build bathrooms and we also renovate old ones. Tilling and Renovation Guru offers a full building service. We build new bathroom extensions and we renovate existing bathrooms

• Am I allowed to choose the colours I want and the kind of tiles I want?

Absolutely, yes, you can. This is part of what you get to do in design consultation “what you want and how you want it”. You are allowed to choose your preferred colour and style. To ensure that you get the best of you want, we can recommend suppliers that have the kind of product that you want; they sell only quality materials and we trust them because they are our partners. However, because we are the experts and we know the depths of this work better, there are certain items that we strongly suggest you let us handle and we promise you that you won’t regret it.

• Can I trust you to work in my home while I am away?

We want you to be happy, right? So we do exactly what will make you comfortable to refer us to someone else or call us for another project. The thing is we have an excellent reputation and we plan to continue to protect it so we ensure that your property, whether breathing or not is respected, safe and accounted for. That is to tell you that you can put your mind at rest, knowing fully well that your home is in good hands.

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