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Do you want to have your tank cleaned? Your waste disposed of? Do you need a spill response or tanker rollovers? Tiling and Renovations have your back. Have you always wanted something different aside from the type of current bathroom you are using? Do you wish that your current bathroom had double sinks so that you do not stress your elbow whenever you are brushing your teeth? Do you want a freestanding tub but your current bathroom lacks one? Is it a walk-in shower that you have always wanted? Did you use a friend’s bathroom or a hotel bathroom and you fell in love with the Jacuzzi-style bathtub you saw there? You need to stop liking it and start wanting it, all you need to do is to reach out to Tiling and Renovation Guru and we will be ready to respond immediately.

A bathroom renovation would normally cost time and money, no doubt about that. Time especially is of the essence in this case that is why Tiling and Renovation Guru has created a working strategy that will make work faster and less stressful for you because the faster we get it done, the earlier you get to enjoy your bathroom. The price is not scary because it will be based on the level of redo that you want, so you do not have to mind the rumours that you might have heard about the bank-breaking price of bathroom renovation. The key is to be sensible enough to do only what is necessary and agreeable with your budget while you let us do the rest by adding our magic to it.  We often advise our clients at the beginning of negotiation to always go for what matches their lifestyle when they are planning on a bathroom design and there is a reason for that.

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Our team of professional bathroom builders have found out that there are people that tend to like it when they just relax inside water, these same set of people want to ‘relax’ so we would recommend a tub where they can just sit and have the water soothe their skin. Also, in our many years of building bathrooms, we have found out that a good way to keep the bathroom clean is proper arrangement of items and how can we achieve that if we have limited space? A wall niche would do the job of a store of small items like creams and shampoo containers, etc. so do not be surprised when our experts ask lots of question about your routine in the bathroom; it is to give you the best bathroom renovation you could ever ask for. The decision to renovate your bathroom or kitchen does not have to be because it is old only, there are quite a few reasons, such as needing a bigger space for convenience, to accommodate more people or add value to your property because installing or renovating the bathroom or kitchen or laundry will increase its value in the market that is if you have plans to sell the house.

At Tiling and Renovating Guru, we invest a lot in the competence of our builders because we know that they are representatives out there in the field so we ensured that receive the best training possible and that has been one of the keys to our huge successes since we started renovating bathrooms. When you put a call through to our company and you get to speak to our builders, ask all your questions, even the boring ones. Our builders must know what you want, not only that, when you ask various kinds of question, we draw out conclusions that even you may not know and these among other things are what will help us offer you a great service like we always do to our clients.

How can you tell that it is time to renovate your Bathroom?

. It is when you ask questions that we can help you understand what you don’t know when it comes to bathroom renovations. And yes, we will ask our questions too, we will ask questions about your daily routine, especially when you are in the bathroom, we will ask you how much you are willing to spend, we will ask you the number of people that will be using the bathroom when it is completed, we will ask you what you like about the current bathroom or the previous ones that you have used and we will ask what you hate in bathrooms too.  These are basic questions and what we ask other than these will depend on what we discuss when you call for us.

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