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We Conduct Kitchen renovation

First of all, we do not advise that you try to DIY when it comes to kitchen renovation majorly because of the kind of activities and equipment that would be used there, especially if you are planning on a total renovation. Not only that, a kitchen that had poor planning initially is at the risks of accidents so it is not advisable to touch just anything. We can have your tank cleaned and waste disposed of in no time, and if you need a spill and emergency response, we are the one for you.

Now, if your kitchen is outdated because you found out that some items are damaged and not functioning as they should, if you have the financial means and you feel you can afford the cost of renovating your kitchen to your desired taste, if you also need your kitchen to function differently, then call for our expert kitchen builders and they will hear you out. Our experts at Tiling and Renovation Guru have fantastic ideas that would catch your eyes. Because there are several directions to take when it comes to kitchen renovation regardless if you want a small or grand renovation, you should allow professionals like the ones we would be sending over from Tiling and Renovations Guru when you reach out to us.

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You might have stumbled upon some great kitchen ideas on TV or in a magazine and you feel the need to add one or two touches to make your kitchen more equipped, the right thing is to call Tiling and Renovation Guru for assistance and we will offer the assistance to the end. Adding one or two touches is generally a small renovation and we promise to carry it out in a way that won’t disturb your daily kitchen activities while we do our magic. In this business, your choice really matters so do not hesitate to tell us that you are more of a traditional person and what you would like is some kind of country kitchen ideas because we have amazing renovation ideas that will upgrade your kitchen and (at the same time) make it feel homey. Do you just want to have your kitchen decorated? Do you want to have antique lighting hanging overhead? Are you low on space but you wish to bring in more utensils? Our expert kitchen builders know exactly how and what to do to give you the dream kitchen that you want.

There are simple or small renovations such as changing your hanging lighting fixtures, revamping your backlash or even painting your cabinet, yes these may look simple but they can go a long way in changing your kitchen.
There are great renovation ideas we can introduce to your kitchen such as switching out the old stainless sink for an apron-front porcelain one, we could add Brass bin pulls, a copper backslash for the range to warm up the cabinets and butcher block countertops would equally go along these other designs too if you want. If you wish to retain your kitchen’s old chamber stove and cabinets for reasons best known to you, the best we can do is to add new fonts and a good coat that will leave your kitchen glittering with a layer of marble and white subway tiles for the counter.

How can you tell that it is time to renovate your kitchen?

To know if it’s the right time to call Tiling and Renovation Guru for your kitchen renovation, you should check out the room first and then evaluate it objectively. Pay enough attention to the tiles, see if there are any cracks anywhere, and check if there are water leakages from any of the pipes, check if water is dripping from under the sink. Do you have cabinets and drawers you no longer use because their handles are broken or because they are damaged or because they are filthy and can not be properly cleaned out? Then if the answer is yes, what you need to do is immediately get on the phone and place a call through to Tiling and Renovations Guru.

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