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We Conduct Laundry renovation

In addition to what we do, we can also renovate your laundry so you can have a more comfortable experience doing your laundry. For many, the laundry is not of the rooms that come to mind when the home renovation is concerned, but the truth is, it necessary just as much as the kitchen or bathroom. More so, having an upgraded kind of laundry gives you comfort, saves your time when you want to do your business.
For many years, Tiling and Renovating Guru have gathered lots of experience when it comes to renovating an existing laundry or designing and building a new laundry with varieties of unique style to give you the best laundry experience ever. Rest assured that you will get the best materials such as machines, custom made fittings and cabinetry that will get the job done.

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When you start to contemplate if your laundry needs to be renovated, perhaps because you noticed one or two things or you feel like you should build a new laundry entirely, there are quite a several things that should be on your factor list. Consider how much storage you are going to need for towels, linens and spreads. How much space you want for storing cleaning products. How much bench space you need for convenience. What type of laundry tub you would like to have installed and do you want one that can pass as a hand basin and laundry or just laundry? What type of appliances do you plan on installing in the laundry? Is it a front or top loader washing machine? Consider having space where you can iron your clothes, that is if you do it in the laundry. These and some other questions are what you must ask yourself and answer or we ask you if you haven’t already decided yet. These questions aim to bring to you, the perfect laundry that is designed, built and equipped to your exact taste.

Renovating a laundry can seem like a scattered piece at first but in no time all the pieces will be arranged and you will see the magic. What is needed is time. No doubt that it will be stressful and inconvenient generally when the project is ongoing but we have already made arrangements for this, after all, what we aim to achieve is to please you with our service.
Now, when you are low on space (since that is one of the major reasons people opt for renovation), what do you do? How do you bring in new appliances and fitting when you still have a problem with the availability of space? To settle this, we advise that if you are an apartment, whether it is an old home or you are working on plans for a new house, it’s always good to consider the least amount of space you would need and how much space you would need to get your laundry up and running.
When Tiling and Renovations Guru experts go out in the field to work, they often get asked how a small space can have a laundry and also have appliances, the answer is to be practical and make good use of the small space. The answer to that might be simple, but it comes with lots of experience and expertise which our builders possess.

Since it is about space, Benchtops will be created to accommodate a washing machine and dryer and it will also allow enough space for a large sink and a tap directly behind it. For freshly ironed clothes, a simple rail hanging between walls or a collapsible dryer will do the job of hanging. These are some of the fantastic ideas we plan to bring into your laundry.

How can you tell that it is time to renovate your Laundry?

You can trust Tiling and Renovation Guru to build you a well-organized laundry with everything in its place. We will improvise and create more space with cupboards that will maximise the available space in the room that will laundry easy for you not only that, you get to have a bright and clear environment to work in. we will introduce bench space for sorting and folding clothes. Your machines will be arranged in such a way that will save you more space.
Working with the size and shape of your room, we will able to come up with a design that will work for the space you have and at the same time for you. If you are worried about the cost of renovating your laundry, we would like you to know that it solely depends on what you want.

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